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Photo Journal: Iceland's Westfjords

Posted by Cayo on


The Westfjords begin only a mere 150 miles from Reykjavík, once there however, one feels as if the closest manifestation of modern civilization is thousands of miles away. 


Although Iceland has seen a dramatic surge in tourism in the past five years, the Westfjords remain relatively untouched.


Most tourists come during the summer when the days are long and the weather more agreeable. In April we seldom crossed paths with other visitors. 


The weather in the Westfjords (and in Iceland in general) is very volatile: Snow storms can build in a matter of hours and road conditions turn dicey quickly.


In April the sun rises before five in the morning and it sets close to ten pm. But temperatures still hover around freezing.


After two days camping in this remote region the small town of Isafjördour in the northern side of the Westfjords feels like a large metropolitan area.


Hidden gems.


Unspoiled beauty.




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